The most visited places in Prague - PRAGUE JEWISH

30. 03. 2011 | † 30. 09. 2015 | kód autora: Vg9
The most visited places in Prague - PRAGUE JEWISH QUARTER (JOSEFOV). This very interesting part of Prague is named after the emperor Josef II, whose reforms helped to ease living conditions for the Jewish, the Jewish Quarter contains the remains of Prague's former Jewish ghetto. As many of the Jewish died during the WWII and were forced by the communist regime to leave the country, the current Prague community numbers 5000 – 6000 people. There are two figures synonymous with this part of the city, Franz Kafka (1883 – 1924) and the mystical humunculus Golem created by Jehuda ben Bezalel, also known as Rabi Löw. Více na Prague segway tours. Nebo využijte Segway Marketing.

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